Comprehensive Educational Resources

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Comprehensive Educational Resources (CER) is an educational consortium that currently serves thirty school districts across Tennessee. CER is a collaboration between these thirty districts and The Niswonger Foundation that reaches approximately 151,000 students. CER is governed by the superintendents of each participating district. A steering committee, comprised of one member of each participating district, provides guidance and support. The day-to-day operations are conducted by the director, Dr. Mia Hyde. For more information about CER, please contact 

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Our Vision

Comprehensive Educational Resources aims to improve student outcomes as measured by the state assessment by giving students and teachers equal access to a variety of teacher created and reviewed materials that are aligned to Tennessee state standards, rigorous, and easily accessible. We are also committed to analyzing state assessment and benchmark data collaboratively with districts to guide instructional adjustments and improve student outcomes.

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CER Curriculum Teams and Chairs

CER Curriculum teams are composed of excellent teachers from across our consortium. These teachers are selected by their school or district administrators for their strong teaching performance, willingness to learn and collaborate, innovation, and leadership skills. These master teachers work together in small teams that are specific to their content area and grade. They work to create materials, review materials, provide guidance on the benchmark assessment and pacing guides, and to provide feedback to the consortium so that we continuously improve. For the 2024-2025 school year, there will be 24 curriculum teams in grades Kindergarten through high school for Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA. Each team has 2-9 members, with one of the members serving as the chair. As a consortium, we have over 100 teachers serving on these teams. Chairs are highlighted in YELLOW.

23-24 Teams for Posting